Chapter 47 – Family Archive

Family Trees – The Meeting Goes with a Bang!

The guys had succeeded to pull in favors and delivered on my research requests and it was quite a superb achievement under the circumstances with a comprehensive history chart showing information from 1927. I read through the file in hasty anticipation and so many pieces started falling into place as I cross referenced major facts and ignored some of the accompanying minor details. I needed clarity and at last there was light at the end of tunnel, finally the truth was coming out as I looked down at some of the important details concerning the early years of the Zodiac Program:

  • 1927 – Girl born given name of Chione (Name means Mythical Daughter of the Nile) – No Surname in Egypt slave trade compound in Cairo
  • 1939 – Escapes slavery after German bomb destroys slave factory – follows British troops moving across North Africa
  • 1945 – Crosses from North Africa (Libya) to Sicily (Italy)
  • 1945 – Sneaks aboard boat from Palermo to New York (Should have been Baltimore, MD but storm made ship land in New York (Meets Wesley Kruppen III on-board the ship)
  • 1946 – Arrives in USA pregnant and leaves child on steps of house in NYC
  • 1946 – Changes First Name to Olivia after Olivia de Havilland and Surname to York after New York and worked as companion for wealthy New York women
  • 1947 – Meets Wesley Kruppen III at party in Boston, he is Captain in Marines and on leave. She does not tell him of baby and stays in touch
  • 1948 – Wesley posted to Washington, DC
  • 1948 to 1950 – Have secret relationship and Marry before Wesley goes to Korea
  • 1951 – Wesley Kruppen II and wife die in plane crash in Montana and Wesley Kruppen III inherits fortune
  • 1951 – Daughter Born, Veronica (Mother of Susanna)
  • 1953 – Veronica put up for adoption (Wealthy family in Boston,MA)
  • 1954 – Olivia starts Zodiac Recruitment in Detroit with partner Imelda Saladus (Saladus means secret in Estonia)
  • 1956 – Starts to import cheap labor (Slaves)
  • 1982 – Creates the Zodiac Program in USA
  • 1983 – Creates the Corporation for all Business Activities
  • 1984 – Expands Zodiac Program Globally with 4 Senior Zodiacs and 7 National Zodiacs

As I struggled to embrace the new details there was another war was still raging in the conference room as the Zodiacs attacked each other with unvented fury after the murder of Victoria. Susanna had awoken from the brutal fist punch on the side of her face from Kirill and now sat in one of the armchairs with her hands tied behind her back.

We watched transfixed from the support vehicle as the scene exploded in a sea of rage!

Susanna was acting as if nothing had changed as she shouted out another tirade of brutal self-opinionated comments. She had started to give personal attacks on each of the Zodiacs, but Taya was having no more of it, she moved forward and delivered a ferocious slap across her face which had the immediate impact of delivering temporary silence before she had her hands around the throat in an attempt to permanently silence her malicious vocal chords.

Zhen Li joined in the assault and tried to kick Susanna into the next life, while Kirill watched from an armchair only a few feet away. He was calm and in control again and instructed the security controller to turn off the automatic fire extinguishers with immediate effect and insisted that it would only be for a short and very temporary practice period, because he was going to smoke a few cigarettes while he watched the show. Then he made the additional request for Vodka with plenty of ice, he was going to enjoy the next few interludes.

He needed more information before Susanna was beaten to a pulp and instructed the women to back off and sit down, it was time to reflect and make some important decisions. They chose to ignore his requests, so he waited for confirmation that the fire extinguishers had indeed been temporarily disabled. The text came, and then he lit a cigarette and waited for the refreshments.

Security delivered his request within minutes, together with a selection of nibbles and several additional glasses. He laughed internally at the fact that Americans would always send a selection of food no matter what the crisis. They were indeed a generous but unusually bizarre nationality and he thanked their quirkiness and that was from a respectful Russian!

Kirill collected the refreshments from the side door and watched the enfolding spectacle with quiet appreciation. He stopped only a few feet from the spectacle and offered Vodka to those witnessing from the side. The women looked at him incredulously and carried on with their physical and verbal assaults.

Taya held her face only inches away from the now laughing Susanna and was shouting into the void!

You didn’t do this out of anything other than the jealous and spiteful hatred of a scorned woman who could never realize that Kirill did not even notice you or even acknowledge that you existed other than at the annual meetings where continued in vain to throw yourself at the poor unfortunate man. Kirill fancied Victoria and not you, even after all these years of pathetic lonely adulation you could not possibly see that and decided to take everything out on Victoria. You should have taken up politics because you have a real passion for it.

Taya took a long breath continued, but it was difficult to keep up with the language and the bile as she spoke in a violent Russian accent that scared the shit out of all the observers except Zhen Li who was standing beside Taya waiting for her turn against the spineless American Bitch, but we were not really sure what was going on as Taya continued her dialogue.

I and possibly others really believe that you have desires on a higher role within the corporation and think you consider your present role as well beneath your self-acknowledged talent. But you have proven over the last few weeks that you are from suitable material to deserve higher office and I for one would certainly vote to have you remove permanently from not only the program but from the corporation entirely. Whether, that should be in a box or over a cliff or any unfortunate circumstances I could not really care.

Kirill was sitting with a cigarette and a glass of iced vodka and looked amazingly calm under the circumstances as Taya turned to him and demanded a large vodka, almost as a Russian birth-right! He duly obliged, as the air in the room calmed down and logical reasoning began to permeate the room.

The room did in fact calm down as the women regained their composure and Kirill again took control of the proceedings.

I was watching in total amazement as it all unfolded on the screens like a Shakespearian Play or a Russian Solzhenitsyn Gulag depressant and both were seriously awful!

My day was turning to almost unbelievable as the facts emerged about Susanna and her links to the whole organization, but who were the people in charge, because I for one was struggling to keep up with all the twists turns and bullshit!

But the surprises did not end there, because suddenly Victoria awoke from the dead and the body which had been left on the floor behind the podium started to move and there were further hysterics from the group as Kirill rushed forward unable to control himself as the shock of the situation almost overwhelmed him. He knew that something was very much amiss with the situation because in all probability Victoria should have been dead. So, that meant, it could only be the fact that Susanna had fired blanks or Victoria had escaped death by other means.

The plan had worked as the bullets had hit the protective inner vest that I had ordered while waiting in the doorway at Charlie’s, the titanium mesh had prevented the bullets from piercing the skin, although there would be heavy bruising for the next few days. Victoria had bitten on the ampoule just before she had been shot, and the drug had ensured Victoria would be knocked-out and appear to be dead, the fake blood had been a little extra and had cost a fortune but had really been worth the expense as her smile permeated the room. Kirill was over himself in excitement and Susanna was pushed further into the dark depths of despair and failure, she secretly wished that she be put out of her misery and shot, but she knew that the Zodiacs were not in a generous mood, far from it!

We watched as the chaos subsided and Kirill restored calm and insisted that they get their acts together, because they would deliver Susanna to the law enforcements under the control of Cormack, and Kirill as usual had a plan! In the commotion we had missed how Susanna was now unconscious and being removed by what appeared to be a doctor and nurse. Order was being restored and Kirill insisted on a lunch break, he had never seen the Zodiacs communicating with each other and working together as they were at that moment. A lunch break would give them all an opportunity to refresh themselves, collect their thoughts and think about the future.

The guys bought me back to reality and mentioned the reward, and each of them claimed responsibility for the information. I hushed them down and retrieved my winter overcoat from the kitchen area. The inside pocket contained three envelopes, each of which contained Hundred Dollar Bills, one hundred to be precise. I gave them to the guys under the proviso that nothing would be mentioned about it, because it was imperative that the director never knew. I told them that they had thoroughly deserved the bonus after everything they had done during the operation but there was still more work to be done and they could enjoy themselves when we had finished.

My eyes were on the screens but my mind was churning over the details from the past which had been particularly sad for Olivia (formerly Chione) and I ran some of the details again which were pointing somewhere, but I could not work it out:

  • 1946 – Olivia, first daughter left on the steps of the now Bakery (Smythe and Jones direct descendants)
  • 1950 – Olivia, Marries into wealthy Kruppen Family
  • 1951 – Olivia, second daughter Veronica born
  • 1952 – Olivia, Husband dies
  • 1953 – Olivia, Lawyers and Accountants defraud her fortune
  • 1953 – Olivia, Veronica adopted (Susanna a direct descendant)
  • 1954 – Olivia and Imelda Saladus started Zodiac Recruitment in Detroit, MI
  • 1956 – Start importing slaves for industrial clients
  • 1982 – Create Zodiac Program in USA
  • 1983 – Olivia Joint Venture with Claude Tremblay for Robotics and AI Projects
  • 1984 – Expands Zodiac Program with 4 Senior and 7 National Zodiacs
  • 2009 – Christine Tremblay murdered by Smythe and Jones
  • 2009 – Susanna Headhunted for Zodiac Program
  • 2013 – Smythe & Jones headhunted by Business Enterprise Support Agency (Owned by Olivia and Imelda)

Olivia under difficult and unfortunate personal circumstances had given up both of her daughters for adoption, but she had no intention of losing them forever. She had watched over them from a distance and monitored their progress through life and made sure that eventually their children would be rewarded with serious wealth, but why had Smythe & Jones been allowed to murder Christine Tremblay? Susanna had no idea that she would inherit the position of power that she desperately craved, but would now elude her as she would spend the rest of her life in a secure penal facility, where she would be made to endure menial tasks and would turn her hatred into madness and would never be allowed parole.

Luckily, there was a break period and I needed to do some background checks and read the reports again, because I had missed something, and the same thoughts had come back a couple of times.

I had seen another mention of the CT Company and had dismissed it as unimportant, but went back to find it and there it was:

  • 2014 – Daniel Martins – Son of Jackson Martins, was killed in a suspicious Hit and Run Incident in The Old Town, Washington, DC (Daniel worked for CT Manufacturing Systems based in California and was in Washington for routine meetings with Government Officials involved with Innovative Robotics Surveillance Systems). He left a widow Katherine.

I did some more research across the agency personnel databases and found what I was looking for. Director Jackson Idaho Martins (known as JIM) and in the personal section were a few short notes. His wife had died of cancer in 1994 and his only son had died in 2014 in Washington, DC.

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