Chapter 48 – The Final Decision

Blast from the Past!

I needed to speak to the director and to confirm my suspicions and with luck clear up another major concern.

He was not at all pleased to hear from me and was not too keen to speak over the phone. I pushed on, and I told him of my thoughts regarding Smythe and Jones. I put it to him that they had murdered his son in Washington because he had made connections between the CT Manufacturing Systems and Senior Politicians, together with their subsequent links to the Slave Trade.

There was silence at the other end of the line before he confirmed the details and stated that the information was strictly confidential and would go no further. One more question and that would be as far as I dared to push him, but he stopped me there, because he had already pre-empted the question and simply said that that, he knew what I wanted to know and that he would send the details in a few minutes and they were again to be kept strictly confidential.

The meeting room was again a cauldron of activity as Kirill called the group to order, so that they could discuss the way ahead. The Zodiacs had calmed down and began to discuss what should be done about the now vacant Zodiac position in USA. Kirill had been instructed that a decision would be made in approximately one hour and that decision may result in the appointment of a new Zodiac for the USA side of the operation. He was required to keep the others discussing their predicament for as long as possible and to be the Devil’s Advocate when required.

I was sitting in the kitchen area of the support vehicle because I wanted privacy and to access my data without the guys being curious and looking over my shoulder. I had lit another cigarette and promised myself that I would seek help with the addiction sooner rather than later and the details came through from the director.

The question had been answered and the text came through and hit me like an express train:

  • 1954 – Imelda Saladus arrived as an immigrant from Estonia (Saladus meaning Secret)
  • 1954 – With funds moved from Estonia formed partnership with Olivia Wesley
  • 1956 – Start importing slaves
  • 1958 – Son born Victor Saladus
  • 1982 – Creates Zodiac Program with Olivia in USA
  • 1983 – Creates Business Enterprise Support Agency
  • 1988 – Victor marries (data classified)
  • 1990 – Child born Max Saladus
  • 2002 – Max Saladus attends private school in Augusta, Maine
  • 2009 – Ms Tremblay Murdered and Max disappears
  • Present Day – You know the rest!

I could not believe what I was reading and poured a large shot of Irish into a glass tumbler and took a large mouthful.

The woman who handed you the piece of paper in the helicopter was Imelda Saladus, your Grandmother and that was the last thing she managed to do before dying of a heart attack the following day. She wanted you to find where you fitted into the world and leave you to make a final choice.

The agency has an obligation and a duty to uncover the senior politicians who are linked to the corporation, but we cannot do so without help from the inside. You are almost certainly aware that there is a mole within the organization, and I have a serious inclination that you know who that individual is.

The agency role going forward is not only concerned with the eradication of modern slavery but the defence of the USA. That defence is now very much involved in the development of Robotics and the associated Artificial Intelligence.

The country needs to protect the ability to manufacture its’ own products, protect the food chain and to maintain the USA position as a Global Superpower. Washington will do anything to ensure the status quo and will most definitely use every resource to guarantee that position.

There is a position available within the Zodiac Program and that position will be allocated the resources that had been available to Susanna. Her imminent arrest and confinement will automatically transfer those assets to her successor as stipulated under the terms of her employment and position within the corporation.

You have 5 minutes to vacate the vehicle and an hour to decide your future. At the end of that hour your contract with the agency will be terminated and Kirill will be notified of your decision.


This report is dedicated to the memory of Christine and those who risked their lives in the defence and future wellbeing of the USA. I called the director within the hour, he was expecting it and said whatever my decision he would support it. I had made my choice and now I had to live with it!

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