Aquarius – The Water Bearer

January 20 – February 18

  • Your element: Air
  • Your ruling planet: Uranus
  • Your stone: Amethyst
  • Strength keywords: Clever, Humanitarian, Inventive, Original and Witty
  • Weakness keywords: Aloof, Rebellious, Sarcastic, Stubborn and Unemotional
  • Secret desire: To be totally unique and original

AQUARIUS WOMAN: Do you recognize any of these Aquarius traits and characteristics in her?

  • She is adventurous, funny, smart, never demanding, jealous and not too emotional.
  • She does not get emotionally involved easily and does not display romantic affection. Communication is the key with an Aquarius woman.
  • She is free as a bird. Never be jealous or she will leave. Give her all she needs and she will be completely faithful.
  • She can appear to be detached and fears losing her identity in a relationship. Once she trusts you she is a loyal and kind-hearted.
  • She is the ultimate independent woman.
  • She is unpredictable, craves excitement and anything goes. Court her and woo her, she expects this ladylike treatment.

AQUARIUS MAN: Do you recognize any of these Aquarius traits and characteristics in him?

  • He will demand respect and understanding for the way he is. Be adaptable because he can fall in and out of love easily.
  • He needs space and respect his privacy and all will be fine. Give him all he needs and he will be completely faithful.
  • He is all about intellectual stimulation.
  • He needs stimulation and a partner to share life’s adventures with, not just a couch potato.
  • He will run if you press him emotionally or with demands and obligations and never ever be jealous.
  • He will not be interested even if you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you do not stir his mind.


Communication and intellectual brain stimulation are the real factors to success. So be flexible, they need variety and they do not like naggers or complainers.

  • AQUARIUS (air) – ARIES (fire): The amorous combustion of air and fire makes this a passionate relationship.
  • AQUARIUS (air) – GEMINI (air): This exciting combination will enjoy a flirty, fun and very social relationship.
  • AQUARIUS (air) – LIBRA (air): Aquarius will have a new world of art and sensuality opened up by Libra.
  • AQUARIUS (air) – SAGITTARIUS (fire): Aquarius will have their passions awakened and they will quickly become addictive.

Do you recognize any of these “famous” or “not so famous” people?

Can you identify the relationships that have been the most successful?

Aquarius Women and their Partner(s)

  • Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney (Taurus)
  • Dana Reeve and Christopher Reeve (Libra)
  • Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler (Aries)
  • Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (Sagittarius)
  • Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson (Virgo)
  • Mia Farrow and Woody Allen (Sagittarius)
  • Oprah Wynfrey and Steadman Graham (Pisces)
  • Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski (Leo)
  • Stacy Peterson and Drew Peterson (Pisces)
  • Yoko Ono and John Lennon (Libra)

Aquarius Men and their Partner(s)

  • Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln (Sagittarius)
  • Andre Young AKA “Dr. Dre” and Nicole Threatt (Capricorn)
  • Arpad Busson and Uma Thurman (Taurus)
  • Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (Scorpio)
  • Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston (Leo)
  • Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli (Taurus)
  • Gil Gerard and Erin Gray (Capricorn)
  • Ice-T and Coco (Pisces)
  • James Dean and Natalie Wood (Cancer)
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston (Libra)
  • John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (Libra)
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (Pisces)
  • Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg (Cancer)
  • Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (Pisces)
  • Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood (Cancer)
  • Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers (Scorpio)
  • Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan (Cancer)
  • Sonny Bono and Cher (Taurus)

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