Delayed – Flooding in DC

Unbelievable rainfalls, Washington, DC is under water. This impacts my routine big-time, a team has rushed in and taken all the electricals and moved them up and out of reach, the physio has been cancelled and I am a left as a lost soul on the beach.

This has put my work back and my joints are really suffering must be the moisture in the atmosphere, but I am lucky the water has not flooded the premises and all the equipment is deemed okay.

I have had to borrow a couple of images as I cannot get out and about and apologize if anyone is offended. Thanks to Twitter/Hugo Dante/@hugodantejr/via REUTERS

I had strict instructions not to use internet due to the flooding – yeah, I hate rules!

Notes for reader:

This is not written by a professional author as a novel but as a piece of information by an experienced analyst who usually writes reports designed for Power Point presentations to ill-informed political, military and economic officials.

Spelling and grammar maybe be crossover English USA/UK so don’t go getting all picky and pedantic over it! Result of education and employment in both USA and UK.

AND last but not least, is the fact that I do not have a copyrighter or ghost author, but that could all change as this may approach may open a real can of vipers and not worms!

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