Chapter 23 – Susanna Bancroft and the USA

Little Neck, Queens, NYC, USA

Little Neck is an upper middle-class community in the eastern part of the New York City borough of Queens. The community is located on the North Shore of Long Island, bordered to the east by the region of Great Neck in Nassau County, to the south by Glen Oaks and the North Shore Towers, and to the west by Bayside.

The Little Neck station is the easternmost New York City station on the busy Port Washington Branch of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), and thus Little Neck is home to the busiest of approximately a dozen remaining railway grade crossings in New York City. It is approximately 15.5mls to Penn Station in Manhattan, NYC.

This was simply perfect for Susanna, who wanted fast access to central Manhattan and solitude in a tranquil middle class, low population density environment. Her house was hidden from the street, it was a beautiful building with large rooms that were ideal for entertaining but that never happened, she was a private person and the rare visitors were for domestic services or grocery deliveries, she was not a fan of fast food or social interaction with the locals who tended to mind their own business most of the time.

Susanna Bancroft: “USA Zodiac”

It was a cold miserable day, but Susanna loved it as there was no-one else around and she could stroll by the water in peace. She loved Bayside at this time of year, however in the past she would have been at her ski-cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado. She hoped there would other opportunities to be in the snow-covered mountains but in the here and now there was serious work to do and harsh decisions to be made.

She stood watching the calmness of the water, a sad lonely figure, looking boyish with her short straight brown hair and male styled glasses which she needed for her short sightedness. A middle-aged woman who had almost never been asked on a date and her dark hazel eyes were the only part of her that indicated any womanly sexuality, to be frank she exuded zero appeal to most full-blooded males.

She was a very private person and made no effort to build friendships or relationships of any kind. Susanna had been the brightest of all the university crowd who had given her wide berth at Harvard Business School. During the private study periods and weekends when the other students hooked up and partied, she had studied at the language center to improve and master both Chinese and Russian. There had been a long queue of corporations and agencies chasing her during the final year, but she had other ideas. There were no cheering relatives or friends at the awards ceremony, she had made other plans and did not attend the dinner night celebrations.

The conference in Moscow had been most beneficial, not only for the technical updates on all the programs but the opportunity to practice her Russian and to study Zhen Li. The conference had been a surprise and she had been given very little warning or notice of where or when it would be held. Her Christmas plans had been shattered and now Beaver Creek would have to be put on hold. She had not wasted her time in Moscow, and she was confident that her security systems had not been compromised and she was on top of her game.

Human Trafficking in the USA:

Susanna knew the workings of the USA operations in her head and never ceased to be amazed that the supposed leader of the free world had done relatively so little to reduce or eradicate the horrors of people trafficking around the world.

Even the most basic data on the problems was never discussed in Congress or the Democrat and Republican Political Rallies:

  • 800,00 people go missing in USA every year
  • The most vulnerable group is Females under the age of 21 which was over 250,000
  • 50,00 people trafficked into USA every year mostly Mexico and the Philippines
  • Most human traffic into USA is 12 to 14 years old girls
  • Human Trafficking most prevalent in California, Texas and Florida

The Organization was thriving in the USA with illegals working in Agricultura, Construction and Fashion Clothing sectors. However, with the surging growth in online food delivery sales the opportunities were immense and included:

  • Food transportation and local delivery services
  • Multiple food preparation units for a wide range of international cuisines

The hypocritic actions of the USA Government and the basic greed of the Americans was everywhere:

  • No-one wants to pay a fair price for FOOD
  • No-one wants to pay a fair price for CLOTHING
  • Minimum wage slavery is everywhere: Fast Food, Retail, Entertainment Parks, Transport
  • USA corporations want to manufacture products in China, India and Brazil
  • In 2018 the USA trade deficit was $621 BILLION DOLLARS

The USA was inadvertently guaranteeing the success of slavery around the world and the liberals were making damn sure that nothing could be done about it, which is ironic as the people who supposedly support them are insistent on telling the world through every media channel that they are the only ones who care and they are the only ones who will take action to reduce it. The government was trying to get USA corporations to manufacture in the USA, but the consumers wanted cheap products and services and would oppose any changes to the status quo.

Susanna was disgusted by all the political wheeler dealers and the fact that neither political party in USA delivered the necessary changes that were really needed for a better world. But that was possibly for another time, because now her priorities lay elsewhere!

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