Chapter 6 – Business Agenda Part 1


The report, together with full and comprehensive supporting data which is contained within the appendixes has been compiled by the research and audit teams as directed by Kirill Volkov. The immense task would not have been possible without the direct and significant contributions from our most senior and respected delegates across all sectors of the corporation.

As you are also very much aware that governments and international agencies are becoming more sophisticated in monitoring our global operations. We give credit to our international partners and associates that this international syndicate has the resources and the will to stay ahead of our “competitors”. It has been recognized and appreciated by the directors that our particular “specialisms” of international trade and co-operation have evolved over the past ten years and that our business operations have therefore become significantly more challenging.

It is therefore imperative that the syndicate continues, to not only meet those challenges and maintain the present global levels of profitability but explore opportunities and threats that will not only protect our present global markets but facilitate both the expansion and protection of our business operations during the short, medium and long-term future.

International governments and agencies have valued this sector to be a $150bn a year industry. This figure is difficult to fully substantiate under the present global conditions, which in some cases are exceedingly challenging with many competitors and emerging situations.

The business operates at the medium to high-end of the market and there are many business channels that are not deemed operationally beneficial and are subsequently avoided. With annual turnover exceeding $20bn the corporation requires a full business analysis using As-Is and To-Be methodology.

Henceforth this conference is fundamentally an internal audit of the business model and how it can be re-engineered for the 21st century:

  • Recruitment Channels and Motivation Management
  • Transportation Partnerships (Air, Land and Sea)
  • Accommodation and Facilities Management
  • Industrial Sectors
  • Emerging Markets

The “corporation” operates globally and therefore conducts business under established international protocols:

  • Trading as a partnership – no requirement for stock market listings
  • Corporation and income taxes are paid in each of the fifty-two jurisdictions
  • Accounts audited by international accountants and auditors
  • Hundreds of umbrella companies
  • Thousands of bank accounts
  • Inter-trading companies and sub-contracting agreements

Official Language for Operational Reporting (PC):

Official operational language and jargon which has been used commercial for hundreds of years has been cleansed throughout the reporting processes and compliance documentation.

The 19th century terminologies (slaves, servants, kidnapping, coercion, smuggling, trafficking, pornography, prostitution, escorts, begging, criminality, servitude, marriage, organ removal and many more which have been used in both jocular and demeaning manners will no longer be tolerated and henceforth are no-longer permitted throughout the corporation. This action is required for the maintenance of credibility within the industrial sectors and for the completion and submission of the appropriate national and international financial audits.

These terminologies are now more appropriately defined as to their own unique 21st century specialist cost overheads or apportionment codes and should be integrated accordingly throughout the chain of operations. This in turn also allows greater transparency and accountability within the business matrix framework and avoids the counter-productive aspects of internal and external audit investigations.

Employment Opportunities:

The corporation, as a major international employer has a duty to offer opportunities to those more vulnerable members of society and those living in poverty are most susceptible. We offer employment in a holistic environment for those who:

  • Live in abject poverty
  • Are poorly educated
  • Do not speak local languages
  • Do not have any friends or contacts
  • Maybe employed far from home

Our local contractual employment experts will protect the migrant employees from both internal and external threats to their personal safety in areas where:

  • There is a weak rule of law
  • A local culture of corruption
  • The economy is dependent on cheap foreign resources

There are opportunities for both male and female and the breakdown is currently:

  • 61% – Women
  • 31% – Men
  • 8%   – Apprenticeships 16-18 years old

Staff Life-Cycle Apportionment Costings Include:

1.   Staff Recruitment:

A robust recruitment program that offers a full range of individual tailored services including contract assistance packages with generous and flexible repayment terms:

  • Recruitment Fees
  • Contract Assistance Packages (Debt Bondage)
  • Assisted Travel Arrangements and Repayment Packages
  • Third Party Fees

2.   Assisted Travel Arrangements and Repayment Packages:

  • Travel to and from local, national and international transport hubs
  • Local Buses, Minibuses, Trains and Trucks
  • National and International Haulage Contractors
  • Trawlers, Cargo Vessels and Container Ships for Oceanic Routes

3.   Staff Operational Overheads:

  • Accommodation
  • Daily Transportation
  • Catering with a Selection of Payment Options
  • Uniforms and Accessories
  • Compulsory Overtime (H&S Depending on Site Requirements)
  • Unions
  • Holiday Remunerations

4.   Personnel Documentation:

  • Workers’ Documents (Passports, Visas, Certifications)
  • Local Compliance for H&S Insurances
  • Third Party Fees

5.   Payment and Remuneration Procedures:

  • Rates of Pay
  • Payment Currencies
  • Vouchers or Receive “in-kind” Payments
  • Methods of Payment Delivery

6.   Local Regulatory Procedures:

  • Sub-contractual Legislation
  • Contractual Liabilities
  • Agency Fees for Consultants and Government Advisors
  • Payments for Inspections and Compliance Visits

7.   Government Rehabilitation Programs – (Provision of Workers from Correctional Facilities):

  • Procedures for Enabling Prison Labourers Linked to Private Commercial Activities to Apply for Voluntarily Employment Programs
  • Re-education Opportunities Through the Labour System
  • Payments to Third Parties (Specific to China & Hong Kong)

Employment Opportunities – Immediate Global Vacancies:

The corporation has evolved over the last decade and several sectors are no longer operationally viable due to specific economic factors. How-ever with a comprehensive diversification program and investment into new markets there has been considerable expansion and subsequently there are global opportunities in a vast range of industrial sectors.

Positions available include crew members, supervisors, managers and in certain roles consultancy roles are available where expensive training has been provided and the persons have been identified as having the potential for further development and promotion.

Selected candidates have the opportunity for employment in a vast range of industrial and service sectors depending on their age, education, physical requirements, attitude and other personal skills.

Industrial Sectors include:

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Fishing:

Dairy farms, corn fields, seasonal produces of fresh fruit and vegetable crops

Arts & Entertainment:

Modelling, athletics, acting, choirs, dance troupes (& exotic dancing)

Bars & Adult Clubs:

Bar staff, waiting staff and customer socializing professionals

Commercial Cleaning Services:

Commercial cleaning businesses provide janitorial and housekeeping services to multiple private households, office buildings, and other commercial businesses


Internationally recognised contracting businesses require the full range of tradesman skills including: carpenters, electricians, masonry, plumbers, roofers, tilers, welders, etc on both large commercial construction sites as well as in private residences.

Dating & Personal Recreational Channels:

  • Massage, health and beauty in exclusive salons and spas
  • Adult recreational video manufacture
  • Companionship or individual personal recreational advisors
  • Remote interactive recreational channels
  • Residential relaxation therapy consultants

Domestic Work:

Domestic or homecare workers provide services such as cooking, cleaning, and caretaking for children and the elderly or infirm.

These employees maybe requested to live within their employers’ households.

Factories & Manufacturing:

There are exciting opportunities within clothing, electronics, food processing, footwear and vehicle manufacturing.

Forestry & Logging:

According to data from Polaris-operated hotlines, trafficking in the forestry industry has included pine tree farm workers, reforestation planters, loggers, and workers maintaining woodland areas. Survivors in forestry are almost exclusively men from Mexico and Guatemala on H-2B visas, according to cases reported to the National Hotline.

Health Care:

Challenging and rewarding roles are available in the healthcare industry and primarily in nursing homes and as home health aides.

Health & Beauty Services:

Exciting positions with access to full training are immediately available within specialist nail salons, hair salons and health spas. Opportunities include hairdressing, make-up and manicuring.

Hotels & Hospitality:

Exciting and rewarding careers are immediately available throughout the hospitality sector in hotels, motels, resorts and casinos. Opportunities include front desk attendants, bell staff and housekeeping.


Landscapers are responsible for maintaining public or private grounds, gardens and nurseries.

Recreational Facilities:

Exciting seasonal opportunities are available in amusement parks, summer camps, golf courses, and community swimming pools.

Opportunities include lifeguards, camp support teams, ride attendants and food vendors.

Restaurants & Food Service:

A full range of immediate vacancies in all kinds of catering establishments including: Bars, clubs, buffets, taquerias, or food and ice cream trucks. Opportunities include bar staff, cooks at all levels, waiting staff, clearing and setting tables and general assistants.

Supporting Documentation:

A power-point presentation with full supporting data on each sector is provided within the appendices within the information packages.