Chapter 13 – The Zodiac Program

The International Secret

The first session of the day had gone very well with some excellent discussion points before adjourning for a light lunch and refreshments. Kirill had been pleased and had gone to the rooftop for a few cigarettes, his solitude had been interrupted by Victoria who asked to share another cigarette with her coffee. A hostess appeared beside them with a fresh tray and piping hot black coffee and he offered her one before lighting it. They were the only two on the rooftop overseeing the gloomy haze on the Moscow skyline. They did not bother with small-talk and enjoyed the quietness with the “deadly” mixture of caffeine and nicotine.

“The next presentation is the main reason we are all here and we should be going now,” Kirill said before both he and Victoria stubbed the cigarettes out and descended into the warm belly of the building to join the other delegates in the conference room. “Perhaps a drink after the show” said Victoria, Kirill nodded approvingly before turning and stepping up to the podium.

The last presentation would be given in the same format as the earlier one before the break.

As before, the large screen to his right lit up and the power-point presentation with his supporting dialogue began, but this time it would take at least three hours to cover the full synopsis, but there would be no further time for questions or debate, that would be saved for the final session the following morning before the delegates had their final refreshments and left for places unknown.

Each delegate had been provided with comprehensive documentation and a brief resume which contained some of the following text, which has been condensed for ease of reference to future users of this material:

Background to The Zodiac Program:

The extensive study and consultations within the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has enable the company to understand new business markets and opportunities. However, it was also appreciated that another study would be required, to be on the impact of Social Changes and Social Demographics on the evolution of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence that would enable both qualitative and quantitative decisions to be made on investment strategies.

This is a snapshot of some the research that has been conducted on behalf of the syndicate. Comprehensive details are available as usual within additional appendices that are not for general release.

  • 1939 to 1945: World War II
  • 1945 to 2017: Growth of Feminism
  • 1945 to 2017: Men and Other Activities
  • 1997 to 2017: Development of the SexBots
  • 1997 to 2017: The Zodiac Program
  • 2017 to 2050: The Future

1939 to 1945: World War II

This period will one day be recognised as a major turning point in the relationship between men and women and how it impacted on the rise of “feminism”.

During this period women entered the workforce in their millions into sectors that had historically been the long-term domain of the males:

  • Agriculture and Farming (Arable Crops, Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, etc)
  • Food Processing (Dairy, Fish, Meat & Poultry, Fruit & Vegetables)
  • Heavy Engineering (Ships, Tanks, Warplanes)
  • Manufacturing (Household Products & Weapons)
  • Service Sectors (Retail, Distribution, Drivers, General Maintenance & Vehicle Repairs)

There were not enough men to perform daily tasks and women continued to diversify:

  • Learnt to drive and service all types of vehicles (Cars, Coaches, Farm Machinery, Trucks)
  • Learnt to fly aircraft (Civil and Military)
  • Learnt property Maintenance (Homes, Hospitals, Industrial Units & Schools)
  • and earned their own incomes

When the war ended the landscape of the social order had changed forever:

  • Women no longer wanted careers in domestic roles (Cooks, Housekeepers, Maids, Servants)
  • Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen returning from the war zones were ambitious and wanted change
  • Men and women started to compete in the wider economy
  • People had more freedom and the desire for social change

1945 to 2017: Growth of Feminism

Feminism took on a new lease of life after the war, however for the next seven decades women have been getting steadily unhappier. It may sound bizarre, but every decade has seen another slump in female morale. Women now report themselves more generally depressed and more likely to think about suicide than at any time in history.

Women were told by feminists that they could “have it all,” the career, the husband, the kids and the social life. What they’ve ended up with instead is a tiny apartment in an “up and coming” bit of town, friends they hate, a string of disastrous and emotionally unfulfilling past relationships and loneliness.

Now women retire at the same age as men, compete in the marketplace for employment, commute to work every-day and have no social life Monday to Friday.

The medical profession has seen a steady increase in the recorded levels in women across the whole spectrum of society in:

  • Levels of Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Suicide Attempts

Why are feminists lying to other women that they can look however they want to: Fat, hairy armpits, piercings, blue hair, and still be content?

The sociopathic, man-hating feminism delivered daily on TV, in magazines, in newspapers and Social Media Channels today is turning men off dealing with women altogether. The constant whinging about toxic masculinity, the bogus gender pay-gap and the absurd campus rape culture myths are pushing the sexes apart, fostering mistrust, fear and loathing.

In response, men are simply checking out, giving up on women altogether and retreating into online porn and video games. This is identified as a sexodus, and the immediate victims aren’t men, but women, who are being consigned to singledom as men lose interest in them or are simply too exhausted or fearful of the social consequences of approaching girls/women romantically or even just socially. The truth is, men get along okay without women, unlike women, who become crying, miserable and neurotic messes if they’re still single in their 30s.

Had the relations between the sexes been healthier today, there wouldn’t be much call for sexbots to get in the way. Women already had the upper hand, sexually. They had what men wanted.

Gender relations in the west are at their worst for since the end of WWII and is why popular men’s bloggers/vloggers are now asking whether sexbots will replace women entirely. The consensus of opinions is that for some men, yes, totally replaced and for other men, they will become a release of frustration tool. Now, feminists will earn the fruits of their labour, the men they have been hounding for so many years are going to be ejaculating into silicon-ribbed pleasure-bots, instead of between their legs on birthdays or other annual events.

What is abundantly clear is that the allure that women have had over men, sexually and emotionally, is fading fast. The louder the vitriol of the modern feminists, the more men simply turn off and disappear into the world of porn, robots and video games. Modern technology didn’t disempower women sexually, it has been self-inflicted with feminism.

As the process accelerates women are going to start treating each other even more terribly than they do already. It’s a well-known secret that the worst trolls online who target girls/women are predominantly girls/women. Subsequently women are so horribly mean to each other both socially and in the workplace. All that talk of the feminist sisterhood is a total fabricated myth.

Imagine how much worse women are going to get when their passive aggressive manipulation and control tactics stop working because the guy can relieve his frustrations with a sexbot designed to his own special requirements, any time and in any location that he wants to.

1945 to 2017: Men and Other Activities

Since the end of WWII Japan has seen a social disaster in that men and women have lost interest in each other. Japan’s nationwide sexual dysfunction has impacted on the social, economic and cultural fabrics of its’ society.

  • Rapidly aging population
  • Rapidly falling birth rate
  • Rapidly changing family values
  • Rising suicide rates
  • Rising hermit culture among young men
  • Falling academic achievements

In western cultures the rise in fake equality, has seen women in the media, the arts, academia and politics, gaining positions of dominance, however this has not been accomplished by ability and merit but by quotas.

The underlying impact over the last thirty years has been identified as being a brain drain on the educational elite as the numbers of men are declining in many scientific and intellectual fields including:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Astro/Quantum Physics
  • Chess Players
  • Genetics
  • Mathematics
  • Music Composers
  • Philosophy

This should be a wake-up call to some of the so-called intellectuals in government because not only are men not choosing these scientific disciplines, but the fact that they are not being replaced by women is purely and simply because there simply aren’t enough women with IQs over 120. This is not sexist it is a quantifiable fact.

Once the dumbing down of subject matter and mediocrity is accepted as the norm in society men will withdraw even further and the evolution of technology and science will slow down in correlation.

There will be no point in men aspiring for knowledge if women are constantly promoted to levels beyond their intellectual capacity and given employment opportunities to fulfil quotas.

Men were hounded out of education, first in junior school, then middle schools and finally across further education and academia in universities. This has created a biased playing field in favour of women, a feministic social liberalism where everyone is considered equal and a world in which all men are bastards and all women are so smart we don’t need men anyway.

The liberal elite powers who have engineered this biased playing field are too arrogant and there too stupid to realize, that this has actually stopped the creative mind and the ability to learn and solve problems. If women were so smart at everything, then it follows that they should be the best chefs, the best home builders, the best musicians, the best gardeners and the best decorators. But that has not happened, even while trying to dispel the myth that all men are totally sexist, chauvinistic bastards.

Now we have a society where anything going wrong or not working as it should is always considered to be someone else’s fault because after all stupidity is not your fault. Women have created a world in which the men choose to avoid them as the tidal wave of sad, lonely vindictive self-righteous, bitching women look on while stabbing each other in the back as the eligible men look somewhere else for not only fun but intelligence!

1997 to 2017: Development of the SexBots

Feminists will always tell you that men only want you for sex. Funny how it is always the sad, single, lonely and ugly ones who say this. The growth in feminism has led to an explosion in the development in sex toys for both males and females.

Inflatable dolls had their problems:

  • Not very realistic
  • Easily damaged
  • Too rigid and lacked sensuality
  • Too few realistic working parts
  • A very poor alternative to the real thing

How-ever the growth in robotics designed for industrial processes changed the game:

  • New lightweight materials
  • Development of articulated movements
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Computer hardware and software programs
  • Development of artificial intelligence

Engineers and programmers could now assemble all the working parts to make realistic prototypes (male/female dolls):

  • Articulated skeleton
  • Has a heartbeat and circulatory system driven by sensors
  • A vast range of customisable body parts
  • Body Sizes: Choose the suitable size including hands and feet
  • Skin Colours: Choose a nationality
  • Heads: Hair colours and styles
  • Eyes: Dependent on nationality and colour
  • Breast: Different shapes and sizes with various nipple styles
  • Buttocks: Various shapes and sizes
  • Sexual organs

Artificial Intelligence has been utilised and taken the robots to the next level:

  • The dolls are linked wirelessly to the internet, enabling the doll to email the owner and receive software updates
  • The doll’s tastes can be altered, so it will like what you like and dislikes what you dislike
  • The doll is also anatomically consistent with humans, so you can have a talk or have sex
  • Change the intellectual settings and it will recite poetry or jokes
  • The doll will remember your favourite food, films and music, and is programmed to be witty and charming.
  • The dolls can be dumbed up or down with a range of personality traits – including jealous, moody and frigid

AND to make the sexbot even more user friendly, their “usable parts” parts can be put through the dishwasher and their clothes put through the washing machine, creating the perfect flatmate to blend into any chosen lifestyle!

1997 to 2017: The Zodiac Program

The company realised there were serious challenges ahead in maintaining the revenue streams within the sex industry:

  • Global demographics were being adjusted by government strategies and changing the natural order of the global population
  • Tens of millions more boys were being born particularly in Asia (Bangladesh, China, India Pakistan)
  • Western cultures were seeing reduced birth rates and an aging population (millions more old women than men)
  • Shortages of suitable sex slaves in 1997 from Eastern Europe, Asia and North America meant the company had to diversify as costs throughout the trafficking channels were rising exponentially
  • There were simply not enough girls being born to accommodate demand across the global slave markets

China has tried to address the problem but has maintained rigid controls over the secrecy of their “social program”. The population imbalances in the cities have created severe shortages of girls and women:

  • Girls and women are kidnapped and trafficked from SE Asia (Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam) to supply brides in China and Taiwan
  • The numbers of girls and women in the rural areas that had historically supplied the bride, domestic slave and entertainment markets (bars, brothels and escort services) were seriously dwindling and competition was becoming a major problem
  • China changed the rule that allowed only one child per family (in rural areas this had been two as the social drift to the cities meant the agriculture sector could no longer feed China)
  • This change is going to take approximately twenty years before the balance is redressed (it may not happen at all because kidnapping has reached such an industrial scale that is seriously impacting on the social fabric of rural communities

Income streams were declining across the thousands of online dating platforms. 90% of the subscribers were men and they were leaving the sites and not coming back. They were waking up to the fact that:

  • There were millions of non-existent fake accounts
  • These fake accounts were shared across thousands of platforms
  • Teams of women organised to send fake emails and chats to encourage monthly fees
  • The men never met anyone because they did not exist
  • It was made almost impossible for subscribers to cancel accounts

Brothels were closing as clients were turning away:

  • Fear of STDs which were becoming harder to treat
  • Fear of HIV and court cases
  • Disposable incomes were falling around the globe
  • Suitable staff were becoming very difficult to find and control
  • Men were turning to online porn, video games, alcohol and drugs
  • Online gambling was stealing a bigger slice of the client spend

The company was experiencing turbulence in every market sector and needed to understand the market and where technology was taking it. What it really needed was factual evidence and innovative thinking before committing itself to any more major capital expenditure programs.

The company financed an extensive academic study to consult and prepare a pilot study on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This study was to evaluate the financial viability of serious investment into R&D for sexbot technology. The report on that study is available in the supporting appendices. The company concluded on the basis of that report that it could not afford to miss the opportunity and the Zodiac Program was initiated.

The Zodiac Program was simple in concept but expensive to deliver:

  1. Design, test, build robotic systems for Industrial Applications (see appendices for chapter 6)
  2. Design, test, build robotic systems with Artificial Intelligence for:
  3. Domestic Services – Housebots
  4. Healthcare – Carebots
  5. Sex Industry – Sexbots
  6. The Artificial Intelligence would involve recording and analysing tasks within each category:
  7. Domestic Services: Small and major daily tasks within home environments
  8. Healthcare: Tasks that did not require advanced medical knowledge
  9. Sex Industry: Bar and waiting staff, escorts, masseurs, sex slaves, brothels
  10. If the Zodiac Program was to succeed it would require successful monitoring of the AI technology in-particular and the cell in New York would provide invaluable data for the completion and development of the potential financial streams which were claimed as unbelievable in the scale of mega billions of $dollars. The NYC cell was crucial and under constant scrutiny from day one and there would be regular meetings and reports provided by the control panel which was controlled by Kirill and the 7 Delegates who have remained in overall management of the program.
  11. An independent accountant analysed the financial data and the market potential. This gives a snapshot from the report, a complete version of which is available in the appendices:

Robotic Sales:

  • Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Computer Services and Staff
  • Support Staff

By 2027 Total Revenue Streams and midpoint Scenario $20bn

By 2067 Total Revenue Streams and midpoint Scenario $200bn

There would also be opportunities:

  • For premium pricing for range of models
  • Purchase and leasing packages
  • Servicing and upgrading packages
  • Selected range of accessories (clothing, lingerie, jewelry)
  • Insurance packages
  • The potential is enormous and beyond the scale of comprehension of most of the global population.

2017 to 2050: The Future

Sex with robots will be ‘the norm’ within at least 50 years, predict psychology and social experts. Men are considering the prospect with curiosity and a sense of humour. But academics, psychologists, governments and feminists are terrified and are already calling for them to be banned.

Sex doll brothels have appeared around the globe including France, where the first one is operating in secret within the 14th Arrondissement of Paris, where clients can engage in virtual reality romps with silicone mannequins.

Due to the niche services provided, the brothel does not give away its location and instead informs clients of the address when they make a booking.

The bohemian quarter of the city is home to cultural attractions including the Paris catacombs and the Vladimir Lenin Museum. But new agencies are opening as people can get around French laws banning payment for sexual services.

Psychologists and sociologists predict that it is inevitable that the sex doll market will result in intense relationships between humans and robots. They also predict that the products could lead to social isolation and even reinforce abusive behaviour.

The company also understands that due to the market potential there will be many competitors and there will be many challenges to face along the journey. However, the introduction of the Zodiac Program has given the company a significant advantage over many of the competitors and further resources will be made available to sustain the already considerable momentum!

End of Presentation

The second session had been much harder to present, and Kirill had been relieved when the closing page appeared on the screen. However, unlike the first session there would be no open session for questions, analysis and debate. Again, he was exhausted but pleased, it had gone well the researchers had done a very thorough briefing and the presentation was concise and succinct, the way he liked it. The audience was again in silence before he closed the session and invited the delegates into the refreshment area.

There would be no group entertainment this evening, there had been a unanimous request for free time from all the delegates, and that had come as not only a surprise but also great relief to Kirill, tonight he had other plans and those plans included some serious “me time”. He walked through to the adjoining rooms and ordered a large vodka with plenty of ice from the stern-faced but attractive hostess at the bar, before making small talk with the delegates who also appeared shell shocked and exhausted.

He spoke briefly to each of them before finally reaching Victoria, who was standing alone with a flute of champagne and a warm smile. She did not appear weary like the others, and in sharp contrast she was happy and sociable. Kirill indicated that he needed a cigarette and would be going to the roof to relax for a while. Victoria asked casually if she could join him and perhaps share one of his cigarettes. He nodded with a submissive smile, although he would have preferred some solitude, he was secretly pleased and asked a hostess to provide drinks and deliver them to the rooftop.

Kirill knew that it was against unwritten protocol to just leave the group and attend his own cravings and therefore collected his thoughts and coughed loudly attracting the attention of the group before giving them a quick resume of the day followed by brief instructions for next morning before they prepared for departure. He wished them all a relaxing evening and to enjoy whatever they had planned as the program had indicated that the majority had wished to have the evening available to their own wishes. He turned to Victoria and insisted they retrieve their coats before taking the lift to the roof. As they left the group he could feel the stares and the knives pushing into the flesh on his back and smiled at her realising that she had either no inclination of their bitching or that she could not really give a damn as she returned a delicious fuck them facial expression that only women the world over could deliver.

The silent journey to the roof seemed an eternity and was he regretting his actions already, he was a loner and was breaking one of his own cardinal rules which was to keep a distance between himself and the zodiacs at all times or he might very well not live to regret it!