Introduction Part 4

Relocated to Safehouse 2, Washington, DC

The last few weeks have been frustrating in so many ways. I had been adjusting well to the rehabilitation treatment but mentally was totally unprepared for any kind of relocation move. My body was recovering better than the physio had expected and my physical and mental confidence was returning, even the reflections in the mirror were improving daily.

I had to move to another safe house in Washington and as a result of the turmoil in moving I had to change my approach to the project as there was no internet access for almost three weeks. I had accumulated all the data that had been sent via emails and rewritten most of it in both research and blog styles that would help both my colleagues and myself. I am now able to publish online as I had spent several weeks before the move learning how to build and operate a blog and learnt how to install a new theme.

Farmers Fishers Bakers, Washington, DC – Breakfast

I had also managed to get plenty of rest and my bones and joints are so much better. The physio treatment has been simply wonderful and my personal fitness levels are rising daily, I have been able to sneak out for a few meals, drinks and cigarettes. I had forgotten how much I missed the social aspects of just sitting with a fresh tea while people watching or just skimming through a few books that I never seem to be able to finish.

After rewriting the data and waiting for internet access I relaxed by watching old films from the extensive DVD collection and listening to the music from the extensive collection of CDs. Now I was looking forward to walking and running around Washington and getting back into the research secretly hoping to be able to go walking and running around Washington and feel human again.

Safe House – Office

Despite all the frustrating delays and the feeling of getting no-where fast there were little gold nuggets to raise hopes and aspirations. The new living quarters are far more spacious and comfortable with some half decent soft furnishings. The two big bonuses are a super king-sized bed and a modern contemporary kitchen with all mod-cons including a mega fridge unit, which is ideal for maintaining the bulk shopping deliveries which come every week.