Chapter 30 – Back in DC

Safehouse 2 in Washington, DC

The journey back to DC was more tiring than I had expected, but the murder of Charlotte and Tuesday was tearing me apart. The further East I headed the less I heard on news stations and the reports were very short and matter of speculation. Unfortunately, the shocking statistics on the murder rates in the US meant that each story only had a few hours of media coverage before the next horror story emerged. I had difficulty in following the details which had been very limited, and the law enforcement departments agreed there appeared to be no motives and no clues as to why and who committed the almost senseless killings.

I had started writing this section a few days ago but simply ran out of time as so much data came in from sources all over the networks. A meeting with the director resulted in another delay and distracted me for several hours as I called in a few favors from other agencies across DC.

The meeting had been a battle and trade of insults and threats. The director had been totally pissed off that I had agreed to the $million and had called me several times on the long journey back from Happy Jack, each time telling me that the funds were not available. I had offered my resignation during every call because without Savannah there was no other way to get inside the organization.

During my return journey I had withdrawn funds from ATMs and drop points and had bought another shoulder bag to carry the substantial amount of cash. I had not counted the bundles of notes which had begun to give me serious self-preservation concerns and I could not afford to lose any of it. My time in Pittsburgh was brief but well spent, with purchases of spare clothing, personal hygiene items, first aid supplies and another shoulder bag. I divided the items and the money equally into both the shoulder bags and stored them in separate luggage storage units within a mile of the Pittsburgh Union Station located on Liberty Avenue.

I did not want to restrict my movements with the extra weight and needed security for what may or may not happen in the very near future. It would have been a mistake to return to the safe house in DC with the money or the weapons which had also been withdrawn from the drop points. I needed back up because no matter what you plan for it can always turn bad very quickly. I always make myself stop, think and then refer-back to an important quote – “Plan for the best and prepare for the worst”.

The meeting had also included the outlines of the plan that I had been working on for a while. I did not include all the aspects of that plan to the director because he was immediately very sceptical about the success and basically that I did not want anybody else to know some of the finer details because quite simply I do not trust anybody or agency to look after my interests one hundred per cent. Too many times in the past there had been occasions when my position had been compromised and I wanted to limit any possible screw ups that could not be fingered directly at me.

The director had left knowing that he was powerless to insist that I did not terminate my contract with immediate effect. I was a private contractor and had my own income streams and did not need the reassurance of full-time employment. He did however re-iterate that had it not been for the agency I would have been six feet under, and the rehabilitation would not have happened either. He assured me that there would be an answer within 48hours and asked me not to do anything stupid in the meantime before throwing down an unnamed red file with a short note that read “for your eyes only”.

The door had closed behind the director and I was left alone in the building which held an eerie silence as I stood looking at the file, but I did not open it immediately as my senses held me back. I sat down at the PC and used the mouse to open the music player. At times like this I worked better with music and a drink, and as I have mentioned before there was an extensive music collection with many artists that I had either never heard of or songs that I have never heard before. I chose a collection by Cigarettes after Sex, probably because I really needed both but could only have cigarettes, although technically they were prohibited in the building, I thought f that, and headed to the kitchen.

A bottle of Jameson, a glass, some ice and my cigarette box and I was back sitting at the table staring at the file. My senses were telling me something bad was coming and I should be prepared. I rolled a few cigarettes, with a feeling that one would not be enough and something else that I could not put my finger on as I opened the bottle and poured a large measure over three chunks of ice, the music sounded relaxing but I could not make out if it was a man or woman singing.

I took a slow mouthful of the silky smooth Irish Whiskey which was just turning from warm to cold, swished it around my mouth sucking at the delicious textures before swallowing and lighting a cigarette. The scene was set, and I thought I was prepared for what was coming.

Well the truth should be known that I was not prepared, not prepared at all. There was a short note at the end written by the director telling me not to do anything stupid and get some aggression burnt out using the indoor gymnasium equipment in the cellar.

The files contained information from the Glendale and Phoenix Police Departments on the deaths of both Charlotte and Tuesday together with graphic images of the individuals and the location. The details were absolutely horrific, and only the most demonic bastards could have carried out the atrocities on both the women.

The Police Departments had however been very lucky in that a local realty company had put video cameras in two properties within close-proximity of the residence. There had been several break-ins in the local vicinity within the past few weeks and cameras had been installed to support the limited mobile security services which had been stretched to their limits. Security was having a big impact on the bottom line and sales had flatlined. It was only by chance that an account manager had recognized the location and checked the video recordings from the two vacant properties and had notified the authorities almost immediately.

The images had been sent to Langley and other specialist agencies and a significant amount of information had been established. However, the information had been flagged up with a hands-off warning. The warning came from high up, but how high was the first question and why was the second question. The only thought going through my head was how was I going to kill those bastards.

I poured another shot and hit the zippo for the cigarette, I would be reprimanded not only for smoking on the premises but for removing the smoke detectors that would most certainly have been connected to other agency assets.

The file had been very comprehensive, and I had made a point of reading through some of the finer points, trying at the same time to memorize a few of the faces and other details that had been included. Those details combined with the updates on the data provided by other supporting agencies had reiterated the frightening reality of my predicament. I was up against some ruthless and sadistic killers who were backed by an organization with considerable wealth and political power that had both access and control over both Government Agencies and the Judicial System. Washington was a city of both dreams and nightmares and unfortunately the average American Joe had no idea which was the worse of the two.

I had so much information to digest and another 48 hours in which to make some real progress with the plan, which on the surface appeared simple and direct but like any great plan, in that to succeed it needed a large piece of lady luck and most times people had to make their own somehow. I also have a sense of duty in that I need to keep this report updated and remain focussed on my real goals and aspirations.

It is also getting to the point that I am rushing to write down the details and fail to be correct in both grammar and style that allows any reader to understand what the hell is going on. So, I make apologies here for that and hope you understand both the risks of the operation and the basic flaws in my skills to complete it for the benefit of all major stakeholders.

I am a human just like you and also have needs as a result of human genetics and basic natural self-destruction trait that seems to be a prerequisite for the good guys in Government Agencies.

So, I had a plan for the next 48 hours which went something like this:

  • 1 hour in gym
  • 10 mile run
  • Shower
  • Jack Rose Dining Saloon
  • A sexual encounter
  • Sauna
  • The plan